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Increase mezzanine safety with Wildeck EdgeAlert™!

The EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm system is a wise investment for new or existing gates that require a watchful eye.  Whether it is used to signal an exposed, open ledge on an elevated surface; or protect against OSHA open gate violations, EdgeAlert™ will encourage a safer workplace.

EdgeAlert™ works with:

  • Slide Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Tilt Gates
  • Lift-Out Gates

EdgeAlert™ signals an open gate with flashing LED lights and a highly audible alarm. The amber-colored LEDs are located on the front and back of the enclosure, providing high visibility at elevated and ground levels. When a gate is being used for daily activities, workers may choose to silence EdgeAlert™ for 120 seconds by pressing the snooze/acknowledge button. Once an open gate has been closed and secured, users can reset the EdgeAlert™ alarm by pressing "Snooze/Acknowledge", or opt for automatic reset mode.


  • Dual channel coded for added safety
  • Tamper resistant magnetic sensors
  • Self-monitoring dual channel processor system
  • Mounts to new or existing gates
  • Optional second magnet sensor for gate types that require two
  • For outdoor applications,a battery powered, weather-proof model is available.

For more information about EdgeGuard™ and many other safety products, contact Siggins at (816)421-7670!


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