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Increase Pick Module Safety With NetGate!

Wildeck's NetGate™ allows safe access to palletized materials at elevated levels of pick modules/rack systems by utilizing a complete cable/pulley system that is easy to install onto new or existing rack structures. 

When one side of the gate is lifted, the other closes, providing full height fall protection near your elevated ledge at all times. Using a design that is both ergonomic and economic, it is an investment that will be favored by workers as well as your bottom line.


  • Mounts onto most rack manufacturer's uprights
  • Free standing options available
  • OSHA-required kickplate built-in
  • Standard size: 8'0" W x 7'0" H x 42" D 
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Gate is mostly contained within the rack bay, with the gate protruding only 6" from the rack (front and rear)
  • Netting spans full width and height of openings

If you'd like to know more, contact Siggins at (800) 383-3218!


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