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It's never too late to save with Automated Dimension Scanning!

As you already know, both FedEx and UPS recently started subjecting all packages to DIM weight charges, increasing the cost of shipping smaller, lighter packages by approximately seventeen percent!  Finding new ways to minimize your shipping costs is more crucial than ever, and Siggins can help with automated dimension scanners from CubiScan!

These automated dimension scanners can work with a number of shipping platforms, such as UPS® WorldShip® or FedEx® Ship Manager by automatically populating the data fields via the QBit™ data interface software. They can function as a standalone process or they can also be easily added to other automated processes like print/apply and scanning.

From low volume to high volume, we can help you pick the right scanner for your specific needs and either integrate it into your existing system or design and install a whole new shipping and manifest system. 

Want to know more?  Contact Siggins representative today! 


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