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Palletizing solutions by Siggins and Columbia

Palletizer MachineSiggins has partnered with Columbia to provide our customers with the best floor-level, high-level and robotic palletizers in the world. These highly flexible machines efficiently palletize cases, bags, trays, bundles, display packs and more, at speeds of up to 150 cases per minute.

Columbia also manufactures heavy duty Load Transfer Stations for transferring loads from one type of load base to another. Superior construction, maximum flexibility and upgradeable performance are just part of the package with Columbia Machine.

Palletizer MachineIt's no wonder plants around the world rely on the convenience, versatility and rugged performance of our Columbia palletizers. These modular designs adapt to match your space and product flow and have the convenience, safety features and Easy To Operate software that is unmatched in the industry.

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