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Robotic Order Picking (Goods To Person)

Perfect Pick HD’s ergonomic workstation is integrated into the aisle itself at one or both ends — either at ground or mezzanine level. Vertical track at the ends of the aisle form a bump out configuration, for picking or putting (replenishment). Replenishment can be done in a number of ways including picking at one end while putting at the other or picking and putting simultaneously.

Screen-and light-directed picking make Perfect Pick HD incredibly accurate. Operators follow text and visual prompts on a screen located at their workstation that guides picking and putting operations. Additionally, a light shines down from above into the cell from which the item is to be picked or put. When the operator indicates the final pick or put is complete, the software releases the tote and the next tote is immediately driven into position for the next sequence. Upon delivery, the iBOT tilts for ergonomic positioning to reduce strain and provide a more comfortable and safe work environment. The tilt mechanism can also be adjusted to the height of a specific picker.

Perfect Pick HD is truly next-generation warehouse and distribution center technology. But with all its tremendous benefits, Perfect Pick HD’s scalability is what many of our customers prize the most.

Visit our website today at https://siggins.com/products/robotic-order-picking for more information!


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