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Siggins Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging is an umbrella term for the various packaging processes used to wrap, contain, and seal finished industrial products. Usually done after the manufacturing stages are finished, packaging is a critical part of the process, helping to protect and preserve a product during transport and in storage until the item is eventually used. 

With the right materials and design, industrial packaging can effectively protect your product from contaminants such as dirt, moisture, or chemicals; prevent your product from being damaged during transport and delivery; and provide an aesthetically pleasing label and overall “look” to entice customers.

Because industrial packaging is used to package such a vast assortment of products, it’s important that packaging materials be customized to suit each unique item. Selecting materials specific to the product at hand helps to ensure the best protection possible against contaminants and damage.

Wrappers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to wrap virtually any load. The most popular versions are the turntable and rotary arm. With a turntable, the load rotates on the base while a rotary arm load remains stationary as the arm rotates around the load. Siggins offers a variety of wrappers visit our web page at https://siggins.com/products/stretch-wrappers.


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