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The Value of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

With the right design and material construction, warehouse mezzanine systems can help facilities efficiently utilize space, which in turn, helps operations run smoothly.

What is a Mezzanine?

If more space is needed within a facility, a mezzanine is often the perfect solution. Essentially a mezzanine acts as another story in the form of a work platform. However, unlike adding an additional story there is no need to perform expensive construction. Mezzanines can be based on a modular system or can be custom designed to suit your particular needs. There are three basic types of these structures to choose from: Free standing, catwalk, and full mat.

Free Standing Mezzanine

A free standing mezzanine system is self-contained. In other words, it does not depend on another structure for support. This steel structure can be placed just about anywhere within a warehouse with sufficient slab thickness. Also, multiple options available for decking such as bar grating, solid wood or durable resin-coated decking.

Free Standing Benefits:

  • Allows you to take maximum advantage of the clearance space.
  • Considered capital equipment and depreciate over a seven-year period.
  • Fast assembly/construction.

Catwalk Mezzanine

A catwalk is a structure that connects one upper area to another and may also be used as a viewing area. If your system includes a large amount of shelving or racking, a catwalk mezzanine system may be the perfect fit. This setup allows you to have very high shelving units. The lower parts can be accessed from the floor while the upper part is accessed from the catwalk (an area on the outer edge of the platform). For example, to access a top shelf, the worker simply needs to climb the stairs in order to enter the upper shelving aisles from the catwalk.

Catwalk Benefits:

  • Increased floor space
  • Free flow of ventilation
  • Economical

Full Mat Mezzanine

Full mat systems can give you the benefits of both a catwalk and a free standing mezzanine. If this form the mezzanine is supported by shelving or racking rather than using structural elements while retaining the uninterrupted surface of a free-standing mezzanine. Often a full-mat mezzanine system can even be installed over existing storage media.

Full Mat Benefits:

  • Provides an unobstructed mezzanine surface.
  • Evenly distributes the mezzanine load over a large area.
  • Can often utilize existing materials.

At Siggins, we can help you choose the right mezzanine system for your warehouse. We also provide a wide range of warehouse management systems. Visit us online today at http://siggins.com/ for more details or call us toll free at 1-800-383-3218.


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