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Time for a conveyor health checkup!

Is your conveyor not as healthy as it used to be?  Does it have any of the following symptoms?

  • Rattles and squeaks?
  • Rusty rollers?
  • Grinding gears?
  • Broken bearings?
  • Busted belts?
  • Malfunctioning motors?
  • Pulverized pulleys?
  • Slowing speeds?

Don't pull the plug!  Call the Conveyor Doctors from Siggins!

Most companies just want to sell you new equipment, but we can diagnose the real problem!  If your conveyor system is sick, call us for a consultation first.  Most times the prognosis is that we can nurse what you have back to health!  We have the knowledge, parts and people to give your conveyor the TLC it deserves!

Need to make an appointment with the Conveyor Doctor?  Contact Siggins at (816)421-7670!


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