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Partitions? We've got you covered.

Siggins can provide a full range of washroom partitions and screens.  Partitions are available in stainless steel, solid plastic, powder coated steel, phenolic or plastic laminate.  We can assist with everything from replacement hardware to designing and installing a layout for new construction.

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Warehouse safety

We all know accidents happen, but don't let one accident lead to another.  Forklift damage isn't just unsightly, it's dangerous and can lead to structural failure if left unchecked.  An annual safety audit of your facility is crucial in helping you catch minor damage before it turns into a major problem.

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Automotive parts department design

Automotive parts departments may all look similar at first glance but upon closer inspection they couldn't be more different!  Each one has it's own unique challenges that must be carefully analyzed in order to design an efficient and effective space that can also adapt to future changes.

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Pro Athlete scores a home run with Siggins!

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The Challenge

Because of intense sales growth, Pro Athlete was rapidly running out of space.  The resulting congestion was leading to order fill-rate, productivity and accuracy problems.

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Unconventional Material Handling

Don't assume your product or application can't be conveyed. Whatever the objective or environment, Siggins offers unique solutions to help make your operation more efficient. Here are a couple of examples:


The Autocruiser is a series of transport units that travel on a low-cost rail system. They are battery operated, and they charge at designated, strategically placed stations along the rail route. All components use standard 120V outlet power, and programming for transfers and other control features are easily implemented and reconfigured using a color card system. The Autocruiser system can cost 60% of what you would pay for comparable conventional conveyor. These transport units also use less electricity than conveyor competitors. There are no belts to track, reducers to leak, or controls to tweak. No complicated electrical runs are necessary, and start-up requires minimum training and effort. This system is ideal and cost effective for 50 to 600 transports per hour, and can be scaled as necessary.

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August 8, 2013

Siggins has recently commissioned a "direct to consumer" pick module for a third party logistics provider in the St. Louis metro area. Growth precipitated the owner to move from three warehouses into a larger single facility. Siggins evaluated inventory and velocity, then combined dynamic storage media with conveyor automation to allow a smooth transition during the move. Efficiency has skyrocketed at the new site for Tagg Logistics.

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August 7, 2013

Siggins has been hired to design and implement a new Automotive Parts Distribution facility for XL Parts in the Dallas, Texas area. Tasks include inventory analysis, facility survey, material handling and storage equipment and installation. This modern new distribution center will be completed in about three months.

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