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Siggins's blog

High speed doors save more than just time!

High-speed doors are a great way to save time and energy at your facility. They require little maintenance and can automatically reset after impact or blowout.  They also have easily replaceable, exchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, mesh, & clear PVC, making this a truly "all season" door!

Other benefits include:   

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Increase mezzanine safety with Wildeck EdgeAlert™!

The EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm system is a wise investment for new or existing gates that require a watchful eye.  Whether it is used to signal an exposed, open ledge on an elevated surface; or protect against OSHA open gate violations, EdgeAlert™ will encourage a safer workplace.

EdgeAlert™ works with:

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Time for a conveyor health checkup!

Is your conveyor not as healthy as it used to be?  Does it have any of the following symptoms?

  • Rattles and squeaks?
  • Rusty rollers?
  • Grinding gears?
  • Broken bearings?
  • Busted belts?
  • Malfunctioning motors?
  • Pulverized pulleys?
  • Slowing speeds?
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Need help keeping it all together?

Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers can help you reduce damage and present a consistent, professional looking package to your customers while at the same time reducing film costs and increasing employee safety!

Robopac stretch wrappers from Siggins are equipped with CUBE technology to address four key factors with each load:

Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch

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Let us give you a lift with CraneWerks and Gorbel!

Did you know Siggins is now your one-stop solution for your lifting requirements?  Thanks to our partnerships with CraneWerks and Gorbel, we can help with almost any crane application.

Siggins can survey your facility and assist you in determining the best possible solution, including:

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Distribution principles for e-Commerce

When do e-commerce companies know they need to apply mechanized principles and automated systems?  Russell Goodman from Supply Chain Brain interviewed our Vice President, Dennis Hensen, to discuss then entire process.

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Make room with modular office buildings!

Is your office too small to keep up with your company's rapidly growing operations and space requirements? If you're thinking about expanding your office or relocating it, you should consider a modular office system. 

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Breaking down spare parts

Nobody wants conveyor down-time. Lost production, overtime pay, overnight shipping charges...it all adds up.  Even light daily usage will cause wear and tear over time that can lead to a shutdown.  Are you prepared? 

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