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Siggins's blog

Stretch wrappers save you time and money!

Pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping equipment are a great way to ensure maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs. Designed with affordability and versatility in mind, stretch wrappers can maximize productivity, cut costs and offer years of trouble free performance. Even if you handle unusual pallet loads or have other special requirements, we can help you find a stretch wrapping solution that will get the job done right.

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It's never too late to save with Automated Dimension Scanning!

As you already know, both FedEx and UPS recently started subjecting all packages to DIM weight charges, increasing the cost of shipping smaller, lighter packages by approximately seventeen percent!  Finding new ways to minimize your shipping costs is more crucial than ever, and Siggins can help with automated dimension scanners from CubiScan!

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Increase safety and efficiency with load transfer equipment!

Load Transfer Stations can help improve warehouse safety and productivity by allowing the operator to remain on their forklift during the machine's operation, eliminating the need for manual pallet handling.

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Keep productivity rolling with carton flow rack

Carton flow, if implemented properly, can dramatically improve the efficiency of picking in a distribution or manufacturing environment. Using Pareto's law (the 80/20 rule), typically less than 20% of a distribution center's product should be contained within carton flow.

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LED lighting fixtures

Proper lighting is essential in almost every industrial operation. Siggins provides cost effective lighting solutions that can reduce long-term facility electrical costs. In the past, we've been helping our clients replace HID canister lights with fluorescent fixtures. Recently LED lighting fixture technologies have become more affordable, and they can often be a superior investment when compared to fluorescent options.

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The fastest DC in the midwest!

Want to see something really fast?

Check out this time-lapse video of a new order-picking system being built from start to finish!    

Did you blink and miss it?  No?  Good!

Every warehouse and distribution center is different with their own unique challenges, but if you can give us a little bit of your time we'll help you find new ways get your facility up to speed too!

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Order picking is typically one of the most labor intensive and therefore expensive operations in a distribution center. For companies executing a high percentage of broken case quantity or piece picking, applying a paperless picking system is highly beneficial.

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Partitions? We've got you covered.

Siggins can provide a full range of washroom partitions and screens.  Partitions are available in stainless steel, solid plastic, powder coated steel, phenolic or plastic laminate.  We can assist with everything from replacement hardware to designing and installing a layout for new construction.

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