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International Provider of Specialty Garments Consolidates Distribution

System Overview

Features & Benefits Provided:

  • Consolidation reduces operating costs
  • Recyclable totes allow pick-pack operation
  • Very-narrow-aisle racking optimizes use of space
  • Directed picking - accurate & fast
The Customer's View

"We have partnered with Siggins to create two distribution centers. The systems were implemented on budget and on time, with minimal disruptions. Combining RF and Pick-to-Light technology with appropriate storage media resulted in two highly productive facilities."

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The Challenge

A provider of specialty garments needed to consolidate the distribution of raw materials to manufacturing from several facilities to a single, safe, worker-friendly center.

In creating a consolidated facility, GEAR wanted to apply current technology, mechanization, and appropriate storage media to provide a highly-productive facility.

Employee safety and a pleasant working environment rounded out the list of requirements for design of the distribution center.

The Solution

An analysis of product movement rates was completed to design a new material handling system, consolidating five separate operations. Pick-to-light and radio-frequency-device technologies direct picking of orders.

A pick and pack scheme uses recyclable totes. Conveyor transports the totes, and high-speed automatic sortation routes them to shipping. Receiving conveyor feeds product for faster put-away into a wire-guided, very-narrow-aisle racking system.


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