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Billy Goat - A Success Story

System Overview

Features & Benefits Provided:

  • Build lines directly interface with transportation conveyor
  • Transporatation & Accumlation conveyor move goods
  • No time wasted moving materials.
The Final Result

Siggins engineers designed the facility expansion, resulting in a new building that "fit" the material handling system. Cost savings generated...paid for it in less than two years.

The Challenge

Billy Goat Industries is a US manufacturer of premium grade power equipment for residential, commercial and institutional markets. They have developed innovative designs for aerators, dethatchers, over seeders, high grass mowers, composite leaf blowers, lawn vacuums and related equipment. They are a large exporter that has stocking dealers and service centers throughout the world. They have a strong presence in the rental markets.

As with most growing companies, Billy Goat needed more room in their existing facility. Therefore, they wanted to streamline their material flow through their plant to reduce congestion and waste.

The Solution

Siggins engineers took the Billy Goat desired layout and designed new build lines with transfer cars to interface directly with the transportation conveyor. Specifically, Siggins designed and installed a series of bridge cranes at the termination point of the main conveyor line to allow the product to be unloaded and packaged in that single location and thereby streamline movement of the finished goods to storage or shipping. The new heavy duty transportation and accumulation conveyor also allowed products from all of the build lines to be brought to a single packing area. The design not only saved steps in handling the product but also reduced forklift traffic in the build areas.


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