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Accumulation Conveyor System

Conveyors can be chosen to transport or accumulate products. 
Some reasons to desire Accumulation Conveyor System are:

  • Storage of products.
  • Back up needed prior to a gapping device such as a Sorter.
  • Back up needed prior to a wide merge or merging conveyor.
  • Back up required for a work station function such as packing, weighing, manifesting or preparing the product for shipment such as filling the case with packing materials or taping the case closed.

Types of Accumulation:

Minimum Pressure Accumulation: This type of accumulation is used when you have consistent box sizes and the product can accumulate behind each other without causing product damage or when back up conveyor line pressure is not an issue. Normally with Minimum Pressure accumulation there is at least a combined back pressure of 2% of the total live load. This can be excessive with long conveyor lines.

Zero Pressure Accumulation: When it is important that conveyor line pressure is not present you will need to use a Zero Pressure accumulation conveyor. An example would be when feeding a line of personnel packers, it is important that they be able to remove a case from any point on the conveyor without there being pressure on the boxes pressing together. Another time that Zero Pressure accumulation is required is when you are conveying multiple size cases. With Minimum Pressure the cases can be side by side and wedge in the conveyor creating a jam. Additionally, if you have a delicate product such as glass, you will want to avoid back pressure that could create damage. The condition of the case that the product is packed in must be given careful consideration as well. Poor condition or reused cases can be weak and will be further damaged by using Minimum Pressure Conveyor.

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