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Overhead Trolley Conveyors

Overhead Trolley Conveyors can move anything from documents and empty boxes to automobiles. Overhead trolley conveyors are a continuous loop of chain or cable which is suspended from a formed or structural track with carriers attached periodically to hang or contain products.

Overhead trolley conveyor systems are frequently used in automated or semi-automated painting systems for moving product through the cleaning, painting and drying operations. They are also used for a variety of other applications such as transporting parts between operations, providing a continuous supply of empty cartons, carrying parts overhead during a natural drying or cooling operation and many, many others.

These conveyors can be designed to transport loads up to several thousands of pounds if needed. One of the values of overhead trolley conveyors, besides being overhead and out of the way, is they can handle odd shaped parts that are difficult to convey on belt and roller type conveyors.

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