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LED Lighting - Your Bottom Line Never Looked Better

Proper lighting is essential in almost every industrial operation. Siggins provides cost effective lighting solutions that can reduce long-term facility electrical costs. In the past, we've been helping our clients replace HID canister lights with flourexcent fixtures. Recently, LED lighting fixture technologies have become more afforadable, and they can often be a superior in

The latest I-Beam® LED fixtures from our partners at Lithonia offer a one-for-one relacement of HID and flourescent high by systems. Payback can occur in as little as two years, and input wattage can be up to 54% less than HID. Unlike their flourescent counterparts, LED fixtures, which are exposed to constant power cycling, aren't susceptible to shortened life.

Combining optional photocells and occupancy sensors can further reduce lighting costs without increasing maintenance and without reducing component life. Instead of complete bulb failure, LED lights slightly fade over time. However, I-Beam LED fixtures maintain 92% lumen output at 60,000 hours with a predicted life of more than 100,00 hours.

View the I-Beam Brochure

I-Beam LED High Bay Benefits At A Glance

Quick Return on Investment
Better Illumination
  • Kelvin temperaturs of 4000K and 5000K
  • 9000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 lumen packages
  • Wide and narrow reflector options
  • Semi-diffuse acrylic lens option
Long Life
  • L92 at 60,000 hours; L70 predicted to exceed 100,000 hours
  • User replaceable drivers
  • Easy access to fusing and sensors from below
Energy Savings
  • Up to 26% less input wattage than flourescent
  • Up to 54% less input wattage than HID
  • 91 lumens per watt (LPW)
  • Optional photocells and occupancy sensors decrease daily power consumption
  • High-efficiency Class I driver with dimming standard

If you thought your business couldn't afford to switch to LED lighting, it's time to consider Lithonia I-Beam® LED fixtures from Siggins. Contact Us to learn more about I-Beam® Energy Saving High Bay Lighting Systems.


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