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Siggins is proud to represent Columbia Machine’s complete line of floor level, high level and robotic palletizer machines and load transfer stations. Columbia manufactures machines with superior construction, maximum flexibility, upgradeable design and speeds up to 200 cases per minute. With the wide product line, we are sure to have a palletizing solution to meet your needs.

Load Transfer Stations

A load transfer station transfers product from one pallet type to another pallet including wood to in-house “clean” pallets, plastic to wood, or other combinations including pallet to slip-sheet. This pallet transfer machine is typically found in both receiving and shipping applications. In the receiving environment, the LTS helps to prevent contamination from going into production areas. When used in the shipping application the loads are transferred onto shipping pallets to help retain the good quality pallets in-house.

Columbia’s Load Transfer Station (LTS) product line is available as a stand-alone unit or as a fully automatic unit integrated into a larger system. The LTS can help your plant become compliant with FSMA, HACCP and GMP. All Columbia LTS units help to eliminate injuries, streamline plant and warehouse operations and reduce costs. Columbia’s LTS is safer, cleaner and faster than inverters and other pallet transfer solutions.

Load Transfer Stations


Floor Level Palletizers

Floor level palletizers have an infeed entry level of approximately 30” to 36”. As product flows through the infeed conveyor the product is orientated by a turning device before moving onto the row forming section. At the row forming area the row is formed and pushed onto a layer forming area. Once a complete layer is formed the apron is raised, moved forward and lowered over the pallet where the layer is placed onto the pallet or previous layer.

Columbia provides a range of floor level palletizers that stack from 1 to 50 cases per minute, depending on your production needs. The base model is a FL1000 that stacks up to 15 cases per minute. The faster speeds are met with the use of a FL3000 that is capable of stacking up to 50 cases per minute.

Fully Automatic Load Transfer Stations

High Level Palletizers

High level palletizers have an infeed entry level of from 84” to 124”. As with the floor level palletizers, the product goes through a similar flow to orientate the product. However, the pallet is raised and lowered to the layer stripping area to build the pallet load at a high elevation. Once the load is complete, the pallet is lowered to the discharge elevation which is typically between 18” to 30”.

Columbia provides a range of high level palletizers that stack from 10 to 200 cases per minute. The product line includes row forming palletizers: HL2000, SP4000 and HL6200; and inline palletizers: HL7200 and HL9200.

Floor Level PalletizersHigh Level Palletizers


Robotic Palletizers

Robotic palletizers can be positioned as a floor level or high level palletizing solution and can vary greatly in complexity. Systems range from a simple single line with manually placed pallets to very complex, such as a system with five packaging lines feeding a single robotic palletizer that simultaneously builds five different pallet loads.

Columbia/Okura is the premier provider of robotic palletizing equipment. With advanced safety standards, easy to operate programming & product flexibility, the A-Series robotic palletizer is the ideal robotic solution for your packaging line requirements.

High Level PalletizersRobotic PalletizersRobotic Palletizers


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