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Robotic Order Picking (Goods To Person)

Perfect Pick® HD Is High Density. High Throughput.

Perfect Pick's HD "One Touch" Design is Based On A Single Automated Component - The iBOT


Perfect Pick® HD stands for “high-density” and provides twice the storage of a single Perfect Pick® aisle without sacrificing throughput for storage capacity. Rather, with this increased aisle density, customers have greater flexibility to slot items across their warehouse, eliminating zones and streamlining their process.

Perfect Pick HD is a standalone point solution — an aisle that is comprised of modular, high-density racking that stores custom totes on each side — two deep.

Unique in the industry, Perfect Pick HD’s Connect & Collect™ feature makes access to inventory simple and quick. As a double-ended system, Perfect Pick HD can vastly improve pick rates with an operator filling orders from each pick station.

Replenishment or restocking inventory on Perfect Pick HD can be accomplished while orders are being picked, providing increased labor productivity and improved inventory accuracy. Coupled with OPEX’s over-height detect, jams due to overflowing totes are virtually eliminated at the point of replenishment.


Perfect Pick HD runs on a single automated component, the iBOT®, redesigned to deliver heavier payloads — up to 80lbs. Powered by onboard ultracapacitors, iBOTs quickly capture regenerated energy during continuous operation making them reliable and exceptionally energy efficient.

iBOTs are bi-directional, moving both horizontally and vertically, giving them access to 100% of the storage locations in their aisle. OPEX traffic control software monitors the position of all iBOTs and directs their movements for maximum efficiency and throughput.

iBOTs are autonomous vehicles that communicate on a wireless connection. They can be added or removed from the system in a matter of minutes without causing a disruption to ongoing operations. This ability to introduce and remove iBOTs from the system allows operations to scale and adjust quickly to meet ever-changing order fulfillment demands and business cycles.


Perfect Pick HD’s ergonomic workstation is integrated into the aisle itself at one or both ends — either at ground or mezzanine level. Vertical track at the ends of the aisle form a bump out configuration, for picking or putting (replenishment). Replenishment can be done in a number of ways including picking at one end while putting at the other or picking and putting simultaneously.

Screen-and light-directed picking make Perfect Pick HD incredibly accurate. Operators follow text and visual prompts on a screen located at their workstation that guides picking and putting operations. Additionally, a light shines down from above into the cell from which the item is to be picked or put. When the operator indicates the final pick or put is complete, the software releases the tote and the next tote is immediately driven into position for the next sequence. Upon delivery, the iBOT tilts for ergonomic positioning to reduce strain and provide a more comfortable and safe work environment. The tilt mechanism can also be adjusted to the height of a specific picker.


As individual items are picked from Perfect Pick HD, they are placed directly into containers or totes on the all-new, scalable OPEX workstation. Each container moves quietly along the conveyors and across the zero-height transfers to and from its pick-to-light location.

Once the operator completes an order, the container is transferred for final shipment and another order indexes forward on the workstation’s conveyor.

The OPEX Workstation is closely integrated with Perfect Pick and Perfect Pick HD’s hardware and software systems, reducing latencies and optimizing overall system performance.


Perfect Pick HD is truly next-generation warehouse and distribution center technology. But with all its tremendous benefits, Perfect Pick HD’s scalability is what many of our customers prize the most.

Perfect Pick HD’s modular design not only meets today’s order picking challenges head-on, but it also supports future growth. This kind of integrated, future-ready expansion is a far cry from the multi-stage automated systems that force a costly and lengthy redesign of your warehouse at every stage. Instead, the entirety of the Perfect Pick HD system is flexible and scalable — a fluid arrangement designed to grow as quickly as you do.


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