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Storage Media and Shelving Solutions

The right storage solutions can greatly improve warehouse/plant efficiency. Siggins offers industrial storage options to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about our Storage Media solutions.

Pick Modules

Order picking is a critical operation of all Distribution Centers and there are various ways to accomplish it. Picking documentation can be transmitted to the picker by paper, RF, Pick to Light and Voice. Many picking operations require the picker to travel up and down storage media pushing carts until they find the items that are required to fulfill the customer's order.
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Shelving Solutions

Industrial Shelving is a highly versatile, adjustable and high capacity storage medium.. We work with our shelving suppliers to create customized shelving solutions.
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Fast Flow Rack

Fast Flow Rack solutions increase efficiency while saving valuable space in by automatically providing First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory rotation and much more.
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Storage Rack/Pallet Rack

Our custom storage and pallet rack solutions increase efficiency while saving valuable space in warehouses and distribution centers. Common rack solutions include Double Deep Racks, Push Back Racks, Drive-in/Drive-Thru Racks and Cantilever Racks. 
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Horizontal/Vertical Carousels

Horizontal and Vertical Carousels present items to the person doing the retrieving. Carousels reduce picking time and improve accuracy by automating the picking process.
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Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, AS/RS for short, is a category of material handling tools with a tremendous scope to accommodate anything from small component parts to full pallet loads.
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Contact us today to discuss your requirements for storage media and shelving solutions.


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