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Pick Modules

Order picking is a critical operation of all Distribution Centers and there are various ways to accomplish it. Picking documentation can be transmitted to the picker by paper, RF, Pick to Light and Voice.

Pick ModulesMany picking operations require the picker to travel up and down storage media pushing carts until they find the items that are required to fulfill the customer's order. The items are placed in the cart and the order is consolidated and taken to a central drop off point for packing and manifesting for shipment.

Another method of picking is: Instead of the picker randomly traveling aisles of storage media, high speed Pick Modules can be used. This will allow placement of hot selling, higher velocity items into a concentrated area. By allowing multiple pickers to work one, two or three picking levels, multiple items can be quickly picked. Normally, a center conveyor is located in the aisle so that completed orders on either side can be placed on the conveyor to be automatically transported to order consolidation, packing and manifesting areas. This houses the highest velocity items. These items may be picked by "Pick to Light" which is where lights will illuminate over the product to be picked with the number of items to be picked, or by "Voice Pick" whereby the instructions for picking are communicated to the picker by headset. Additional items that are not highly picked items, but still are not the slowest of the slow, can be housed into shelving or case pick rack. These can also be arranged with a central conveyor allowing pickers to move in and out of the aisles to pick and then deposit the order on the conveyor for takeaway.

Slow moving items will still be placed in pallet rack or case pick rack but will be outside the Pick Module area. These items will not require many picks per day or week, thereby requiring fewer trips to pick and improving overall efficiency. Contact Us to learn more about pick module solutions.

Pick ModulesPick Modules

Pick Modules


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