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Shelving Solutions

Shelving or Bin Shelving is a highly versatile storage medium generally used to store loose small parts, packaged small parts, catalogs and records. It is very flexible as the shelves can be adjusted vertically to adapt to the size of the parts being stored. Shelving is commonly used in small parts distribution centers, offices, tool rooms, work in process storage and catalog rooms.

Shelving can be closed type or open type.

Closed type shelving has solid steel sides and back and is generally used for storing loose parts. The sides and back, when combined with solid steel vertical dividers between the shelves, creates independent storage openings which contain the parts and prevent them from mixing with adjacent parts.

Open type shelving is generally used for boxed products that can be stacked without falling over so physical separation is not required.

Shelving sizes range from 24" wide by 12" deep to 48" wide by 36" deep. Shelf capacities range from 400 to 1,200 pounds per shelf.

Shelving units can be customized with the addition of vertical shelf dividers, shelf boxes, shelf drawers or modular type drawers to increase capacity, part separation and security.

Shelving is frequently available in several standard colors.

Quality industrial steel shelving will support a second level or catwalk system, but must be adequately braced for this purpose when built. Systems can be designed for seismic conditions, either high rise or cat walked, as needed. Shelving is easy to build and many users build it themselves. Contact Us to learn more about shelving solutions.


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