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Light Directed Picking

Light Directed Picking

Pick to Light, or light directed picking, is well regarded as the fastest operator-based picking system available.  It is ideal for broken case picking or zone picking, and has been shown to improve productivity as well as accuracy while lowering the amount of time spent walking and correcting errors.

By using a Pick to Light, you can achieve greater performance as well as steady improvement to your most crucial fulfillment operations.  By utilizing the system software tools you can make fast, accurate responses in real-time thanks to improved visibility of important processes, events and statistics that can be viewed through an easy to read graphical interface.

This technology has been thoroughly tested in the field and has proven to be effective in hundreds of existing installations both big and small.  With many different models and configuration options available we can tailor a solution unique to your specific requirements and applications.  From manufacturing through fulfillment, we can help your supply chain run leaner and faster than ever before.

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