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Warehouse Control System (WCS)

WCS (Warehouse Control System) software is an application used to direct warehouse and distribution center activity in real-time.  By managing traffic, the WCS keeps everything moving fluidly and all subsystems operating at maximum efficiency, allowing warehouse personnel to perform tasks quickly.  It also helps simplify complex processes by providing a standard interface for a wide variety of equipment, such as automated storage and retrieval systems, vertical carousels, conveyors, palletizers and more.

The main benefits of a Warehouse Control System include:

  • Maintaining an interface to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) or upper level host system to exchange information needed to regulate the day-to-day functions of the warehouse.
  • Assigning tasks to the many sub-systems to maintain a proper balance of activity required to complete the daily workload.   
  • Providing instructions in real-time to both equipment and personnel to aid in routing and order fulfillment requirements.
  • Directs cartons to the proper divert locations using built-in sortation programming or host provided order details for routing.
  • Creates detailed data for reports or to upload to the host’s main system.
  • Utilizes a user-friendly interface provide control over warehouse/distribution center system functions.
  • Keeping a record of historical data and performance metrics to assist operations and maintenance personnel in keeping all equipment running at maximum efficiency.

All significant WCS functions work together as part of the overall process, linking the secondary controls to the main host system seamlessly and without requiring additional system resources for information displays and control panels. Contact Us to learn more about warehouse control system solutions.

Warehouse Control System



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