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Slot3D™ - Warehouse Slotting Software

Visualize how you can improve your warehouse operations

Slot3D™ is a warehouse software solution built specifically to help you design, visualize and optimize warehouse workflow by creating a digital model of your warehouse operations.

It combines unique AutoCAD® layout-specific functionality with powerful planning, visualization and analysis tools that help increase design and operational efficiency when responding to changing warehouse requirements.


Explore and Validate Multiple Design Options

Design and evaluate warehouse layouts that meet storage and distribution requirements and produce the best selection of type, size and quantity of equipment.




Seeing is Believing

Visualize and simulate layouts digitally in 3D before making costly physical changes to warehouse operations. Evaluate functional aspects, explore designs in context, and efficiently communicate layout options to key stakeholders.



Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

Optimize SKU placement to minimize storage space, picking costs and equipment procurement expenses.






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