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Engineering Studies

Our systems group works with management team members in your organization to identify problem areas and key points of interest. On-site engineering teams then evaluate current material handling practices and develop improved tools and processes. Contact Us to learn more about our engineering services.

Process Evaluation

During day to day operations, businesses do what they need to do to keep their product moving. Many times there are difficult or imperfect processes within a materials flow and storage system that get the job done, but at a higher cost than necessary. Our distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing professionals bring a fresh outlook and experience to your operations. While employees become accustomed to their everyday work environment, our team brings the experience of having viewed hundreds of facilities. After initial consultation and agreement of scope, we invest 1-2 days in on-site evaluation. It is important that we evaluate the system during normal business conditions, and not during peaks or lulls.


Before, after, and during evaluation, communication is necessary to ensure accurate understanding of process requirements. Often lists of questions are developed and discussed after the on-site evaluation is complete. Occasionally, a second on-site evaluation is required in complex environments. A detailed written report of findings is completed within 1 week. The report lists specific recommendations and the nature of the urgency associated with each. The recommendations can include changes to process methods, equipment, software, location of existing resources, ergonomic requirements, and safety.


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