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Palletizing solutions by Siggins and Columbia

Palletizer MachineSiggins has partnered with Columbia to provide our customers with the best floor-level, high-level and robotic palletizers in the world. These highly flexible machines efficiently palletize cases, bags, trays, bundles, display packs and more, at speeds of up to 150 cases per minute.

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Increase Pick Module Safety With NetGate!

Wildeck's NetGate™ allows safe access to palletized materials at elevated levels of pick modules/rack systems by utilizing a complete cable/pulley system that is easy to install onto new or existing rack structures. 

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Lift Smart with Gorbel Intelligent Assist Devices!

Gorbel G-Force® and Easy Arm® devices are part of an exciting new family of material handling equipment known as Intelligent Assist Devices (IADs). They use exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed.

Gorbel Intelligent Lifting Devices feature:

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A Bright Solution For Warehouse Safety!

Keep Your Workforce Protected!

Collision Awareness products from Save-ty are designed to monitor any traffic and alert others just around the corner. Forty percent of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift. Many of these accidents and fatalities can be avoided by warning pedestrians and operators of approaching danger.

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Stretch your warehouse space with Long Span Racking!

Long Span Racking

Large Loads + Wide Spans = More Available Space!

Long Span Racking

Long Span Racking from Cogan is next level industrial storage. Engineered for wide loads, heavy loads and clear spans, Long Span Racking is designed to meet applications that exceed the capabilities of standard pallet racking.

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A Simple Safety Solution For High Traffic Areas

Protect your personnel with "Big Blue" LED safety lights!

Big Blue LEDVisibility is the key to forklift safety when dealing with loud ambient noise levels or blind intersections in the warehouse, and the addition of a "Big Blue" LED spotlight is an inexpensive safety solution.

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Is Your Space Working For You?

A trio of ways to manage warehouse space

Are you looking for a simple way to create or manage space in your warehouse?  Whatever your needs are, we can help you find a flexible and functional solution.

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Inventory Analysis

Puzzle pieceFinding the best storage method can be a puzzle, and methods that have worked in the past may not support your needs in the future.  Siggins can help you find the right path by performing an on-site inventory analysis,      

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