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Pro Athlete - A Leading Internet Supplier of Sporting Goods Retrofits Distribution Center To Gain Space and Productivity

System Overview

Features & Benefits Provided:

  • Efficient storage media uses cube space well
  • Productive picking module and conveyor system reduce cost
  • New building design fits material-handling system
The Final Result

Siggins engineers designed the facility expansion, resulting in a new building that "fit" the material handling system. Cost savings generated...paid for it in less than two years.

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The Challenge

Because of intense sales growth, a national internet provider of sporting goods was rapidly running out of space. The resulting congestion was leading to order fill-rate, productivity, and accuracy problems.

Existing storage media, which was completely full, consisted mostly of wire shelving. Batch-order picking was carried out in a serpentine fashion—using carts.

Sales increases were expected to continue - causing more congestion, and leading to greater productivity, throughput, and accuracy problems.

The Solution

Siggins' engineers designed and implemented a multi-level, picking-module supported by rack and shelving. The new system included media to match 5-years of expected growth—within an expanded building.

Siggins engineers designed the facility expansion—resulting in a new building that "fit" the material-handling system.

Cost savings generated by the initial system implementation, paid for it in less than two years.


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