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Lighting Survey

Older existing high-bay warehouse lighting fixtures can be a cost detriment. They not only use more energy, but they can also cause inefficiencies in your operation that are harder to quantify. Replacing them with modern fluorescent fixtures can quickly pay for the associated installation and material costs. A lighting professional will evaluate your current configuration and identify opportunities for improvement. Contact Us to learn more about our lighting survey services.

Existing Conditions

In order to evaluate the current lighting, existing fixture locations and types are recorded on-site. A plan view drawing of the facility will be required. Lighting panels and building electrical service is identified. Pallet rack and shelving aisles are located and all ceiling obstructions and heights are recorded. A light meter is used to evaluate the current foot-candle level for each area of the warehouse. Process and picking/packing areas require more light than other spaces.

Lighting Plan

Lighting plans are generated using computer-simulated fixture patterns. The lighting intensity in each area is calculated based upon the actual fixture location. Electrical panel location, symmetry, conduit runs, and emergency lighting codes are taken into consideration. Sensors are considered for each area based upon the zone's operation. Drawings of the final lighting plan are made available, and a proposal for the proper materials and configuration is included. Often a portion of the lighting system will remain unchanged, or will be relocated if it is found to be efficient and cost effective. A competitive quote for material and labor, if appropriate, will be available on request.


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