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Safety Solutions

In today's warehouse environment, employee and equipment safety is a number one priority. An unsafe or non-ergonomic work environment can lead to work site injuries, workman's comp claims, and lawsuits.

Damaged or unprotected equipment can lead to costly warehouse downtime.

Siggins has the knowledge and expertise to perform a detailed safety audit of your facility. Our safety team leader has a Masters degree in Safety Engineering. We can assess the safety equipment and facility work practices of your facility, identify opportunities for improvement, and recommend ways to improve the overall safety of both your workforce and equipment.

With over 65 years in the material handling business Siggins can assist in the design, procurement, and installation of all your warehouse needs. Contact Us to learn more about safety solutions.

Some Industrial Safety Products that are useful in Manufacturing and Distribution Centers are:

  • Safety Rails
  • Barrier Rail
  • Rack Guards
  • Bollards
  • Aisle Guards
  • Pivot Gates
  • Industrial Stairs
  • Safety Handrails
  • Industrial Gates
  • Warehouse ladders/cages


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