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Automatic Labeling

Bar Codes

In order to increase line speed, products can be automatically labeled.

Spray on bar codes: Products can be labeled with spray on ink. This is an effective way to minimize cost however the spray head must be cleaned regularly so that the bar code, itself, is clean. A dirty head will result in codes that may be difficult for a scanner to read.

Pre-printed bar codes: Sometimes applications will allow using bar codes that are pre-printed and just require being applied to the product. If the bar code is just a license plate that links a tote or box as a future identification medium, pre-printed bar codes work well. Bar code stock can be loaded into the applicator and placed onto the product automatically as it passes by the applicator.

Unique bar codes: When product identification is necessary and must be printed with unique information, a bar code printer with label applicator may be used. In this case, the electrical controls system will determine the information that is to be printed onto the label and it will be printed on the fly and applied to the product as it passes the printer/applicator.

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Automatic Labeling



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